God's Grace

Mallie: My name is Mallie Prejean and my husband and I joined Grace a few years ago. I’d like to share a story with you about how the Lord has been at work in my life and in the life of my family.

Last May, I went into early labor exactly at 37 weeks. After Hendrix was born and they handed him to me to hold, I noticed his color. I kept asking “why is he purple? Why isn’t he making noise?” He wasn’t responding, he was blue, he wasn’t breathing. From this point on everything happened so quickly. They scooped him up from me and brought him to the bed next to us. We kept asking “what is going on? Is he ok?” But no one could respond. My husband, Robbie and I had no idea what was going on. The team of nurses then hit a button which set off an alarm and in flew more nurses and a team of other specialists.

Amber: My name is Amber Corbett. I've been a labor and delivery nurse for 13 years and there are only a handful of births that have changed me as mom, nurse, and believer. Hendrix's birth is one of them. 

As a charge nurse of a very busy labor and delivery unit, it is my job to attend as many deliveries as possible. As soon as the baby is breathing/crying and mom is stable, I usually head out to my next delivery or task for the day. Hendrix's birth was uneventful. I heard him cry and saw he was pink and breathing. I don't remember exactly why I left the room, but I was being called to take care of something else. I had barely made it back to the nurses station when I heard "Code Pink" lights going off and flashing in the hallway. This is our system we use when a baby is in need of extra resuscitation beyond the usual. It also sends an alarm to our amazing NICU to come help.  

I looked back and saw it was alarming from Mallie’s room. I thought to myself, I just left there and the baby was pink and crying, it must be a false alarm. But something urged me to move fast and I grabbed another experienced nurse to go with me. What I saw when I walked in will stay with me forever. I saw a lifeless, blue baby that was in need of major help and the look of terror on a mom and dad’s face.

Mallie: Minutes had gone by at this point and we thought we were losing Hendrix. We were praying to God, and Robbie was trying to reassure me everything was ok. They continued to do CPR and we watched on thinking we had lost our son. I was planning a funeral in my head and felt like I was going to faint. This was truly the scariest moment of my life.

Amber: The nurse that was taking care of Hendrix was doing great, but I could tell she was getting flustered. I took Hendrix from the nurse and brought him immediately to the baby warmer. As soon as I checked his heartbeat, I knew the only way to save him was to begin chest compressions. As I was in complete nurse mode, making sure I was doing everything correctly and effectively, I couldn't help but pray over him. I remember asking the Lord to restore life back to his lifeless body. I could also see Mallie and Robbie sobbing out of the corner of my eye. It seemed like a lifetime, but he slowly regained his color, his heartbeat began to rise appropriately.  

Mallie: Suddenly I hear someone say, “what is your son’s name?” And we said “Hendrix”. Then we heard the most beautiful cry. Hendrix was breathing again. After 8 long minutes of not breathing.

Amber: I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to go back in that room, even though I had just left. I also felt such peace while resuscitating Hendrix and I know that peace from the Lord. I felt prompted, once Hendrix let out a cry and was breathing again, to ask Mallie what his name was. I wanted her to know that I was calling him by name and he was alive and well!! This is when she told me his name is Hendrix. I had never heard that name before!  

The night of Hendrix’s birth, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post from Keeke Russo. She was asking for prayers for the Prejean family and said that Hendrix had stopped breathing at birth. I could hardly believe what I was reading! I immediately texted Keeke and told her how I was there at his delivery. I wanted Mallie to know that I had prayed over every chest compression that I did on her sweet boy and that I was continuously praying for him.

Mallie: We were so relieved that Hendrix was okay, but it was really hard for me after his birth – between covid restrictions, illness, and postpartum depression I was really struggling. It was only after really receiving some help that I was able to start to see how God had been at work through Hendrix’s birth. When you are in the trenches sometimes it’s hard to see God’s goodness through it. I knew I was thankful that God saved Hendrix but it was hard to truly appreciate and see the big picture. Eventually, I was able to step back and see the events of his birth with new eyes - The way God was working. How Hendrix went into early labor for a reason. That Amber picked to work that Wednesday. How God was present with us during those 8 terrifying minutes. He was working in and through it all. He was with us.   

Following the birth, a mutual friend connected Amber and I – little did we know we had both been involved at different times at the Young Mom’s bible study here at Grace! Through bible study, we were able to meet in person and have become fast friends. Seeing how God had laid the foundation of this relationship through our church in ways I didn’t even know at the time was a huge part of me being able to begin to understand how He has been at work, even when I couldn’t see it.

Amber: When I look back at this story, I not only feel so lucky to be a part of his story, but also God has given me a friend in Mallie like no other. We've only known each other for a few months, and it's like we've been friends our whole lives. The big takeaway from Hendrix's birth story for me is that you never know when and where God is going to use you and what amazing things He is going to bring out of a scary situation. The Lord also gave us a friendship like no other. We are not only so much alike, we also get to do motherhood together, lift each other up on bad days, and walk alongside each other in prayer.

Mallie: It is all truly amazing. How God brought Amber and me together through Bible study. He knew she would be the nurse to save Hendrix and that we would meet and become instant friends. How amazing that I get to stand and give Hendrix testimony WITH Amber, the nurse who saved my son. God has been so present with us – and now we pray that He will continue to be present with our son his whole life.