Clothed By Faith

During Harvey I volunteered with Clothed by Faith and witnessed them constantly shifting as the needs changed and they served a tremendous amount of people when there was so much devastation and need. God was definitely at work and nudging me to help serve Clothed by Faith and the people they serve by helping orchestrate the delivery of the donations. This all began while I was serving on the Bless Team at Grace and God provided an opportunity for me to bless others and share his love with an organization I already knew was serving in His name. 

When someone in need visits Clothed By Faith for clothing/shoes they are greeted with a sweet volunteer and provided with very gently used clothing that has been carefully selected and packed neatly in a nice bag. When Grace decided to host a donation area I was thrilled our church would be helping bring in more donations and partnering with such a wonderful organization. My husband, Larry, and I collect the donations from Grace and deliver them to Clothed by Faith. What a blessing the Grace Family has been to help provide for people in need and to see individuals that were so grateful and touched by the gift of clothing and love.

To the family of Grace :

I would encourage others to find an area where you can serve others and share God's love. I believe this can be will not look the same for everyone and that God gives us each unique talents and gifts to serve in different ways. I also believe if you pray for God's direction he will lead your heart to the right place!

Stephanie and her husband, Larry, have been married 29 years (were married at Grace) and have two children, Emily and Anna. They were members of the Bridges Sunday School class and she is an Elder. Professionally she works for DMR Mortgage in the Mortgage Brokerage industry.