Be A Mentor-The Power of One Hour


Please join us as we love the kids in Westchase this Fall! Mentoring programs are our number one need and opportunity! FOW would love to match as many kids as possible with mentors.

We especially need men to mentor boys.  

Mentoring at Walnut Bend Elementary will take place on Tuesdays through a partnership with Literacy Now. A Mentor may meet with 2-3 students in 3rd grade. Mentors will use literature to connect with themes like empathy and kindness. This is a 30 minute commitment. A very important part is that we will have a Family NIght dinner so we can hopefully meet parents of the students. We will also plan a fun Christmas book exchange! Starting to pour into kids in 3rd grade is ideal. This is the time to build self confidence and help them vision goals and possibilities!  

Mentoring at Paul Revere MS is so important. If you have a heart for middle school students, this is the place to pour into the lives of our kids who are in so much transition. We will be working in partnership with the 6th grade assistant principal, Dr. Lopez, and referencing a character based curriculum to help guide our conversations! When I think of Matthew 25, I think of Paul Revere in the context of the least of these. Many of these students are the kids who didn't get transferred to a better HISD Middle School. No one wants to go to PRMS. This is why they need us so much. The great news is the school has a new and very committed administration! They are working hard to beautify the campus and bring in supports to create a community for the students! We will also work with students who have recently been settled into Houston as a refugee fleeing terrible circumstances in their home country.

We have so much work to do in Westchase! Please share the opportunity with anyone you may know who has a heart for loving our children!  Contact Kristy Elmore for more information. 

Bless A Teacher

Another opportunity through Friends of Westchase is Bless A Teacher. We have 25 applications from Paul Revere MS and we will also receive applications from Walnut Bend Elementary to be a Bless a Teacher partner. Partners for this would be connected to one teacher and reach out to that teacher throughout the year to let them know they are supported and seen - email a card or dropping off a treat. For some fun fellowship, we will gather teacher partners together to assemble small treat bags for the teachers quarterly.  

Contact Kristy Elmore for more information.